Tap on Mobile

What is NBG Pay – Tap on Mobile?

NBG Pay – Tap on Mobile is a new software solution, which turns your Android devices into payment terminals using NFC technology. As a result, you will be able to accept payments with cards, mobile wallets or smartwatches on your Android devices.

Accepted card brands


  • Cost effective solution: Low monthly cost, without the need of acquiring a new device (hardware)
  • Faster and effortless activation: Self-service download and installation. No shipping dependencies
  • Innovation: Turn your existing in-hand devices into POS terminals
  • Flexibility: Ideal solution for delivery businesses, freelancers and small stores or kiosks

Application process

  1. Apply via the closest NBG branch.
  2. Receive an email with instructions for installing and using NBG Pay – Tap on Mobile
  3. Download the app from the Google Play Store and set up your password
  4. Accept payments on your Android device

NBG Pay – Tap on Mobile supports


NBG Pay – Tap on Mobile is compatible with all the devices with Android version 11 or higher running with an active security support policy from Google, which is supported by the device manufacturer. To utilize the application, an Internet connection (3G/4G or Wi-Fi) and a mobile device with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is required.

Yes, the application supports the payments with smartwatch and digital wallet as any other payment card (physical or digital).

No. The addition of separate email per application is not being supported.

Multiple phone device installation is supported. However, the simultaneous use of the app by different devices is being prohibited. The correct use of the application requires that each application is linked to one terminal ID (TID), thus it is linked to one phone device at a time.

No, at the moment merchants need to manually close batch via the ‘Current batch’ option found on the home menu.

Depending on your business activity and as long as this functionality has been approved in your application, the application supports installments.

The user is able to view the transaction history from the options existing in the home menu.

No, any purchase amount is allowed. According to the directives of the Hellenic Bank Association and the European Union you may be asked to enter your PIN.